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EYE Profit

EYE Profit


We are proud to say, this one of the highest rated events offered by our company.

During these 3 transformational days you will:

  • Create new marketing strategies geared to get the phone to ring
  • Analyze your competitors and develop your competitive advantage
  • Close more deals
  • Increase your confidence to control any situation
  • Build your personal brand – become the authority in your field
  • Sales techniques used to close any type of deal small or large
  • Identify your company vision
  • Leadership skills to lead your team to success
  • Business Blueprint built solely for you and your business
  • Identify every and all objections in your business
  • Marketing strategies using the power of Social Media
  • Guerrilla Marketing that delivers results and doesn’t cost you money
  • Speaking techniques that will help you sell without even trying
  • Receive personal one on one coaching

And much, much more!!!

Gain your competitive advantage, by sharpening your Sales and Marketing Strategies, working closely with one of the highest producing Sales Strategists in the World, Founder, Damien Elston who for the last 17 years has been traveling the world and inspiring 10 of 1000’s on the power of SALES & MARKETING.

You must be there!! You will be immersed into 3 days of transformational, game changing, personal development like no other. Here is the best part. Damien understands that learning in a classroom is limited; people usually have a short attention span.

Registration for this event will be available soon.

Meet Damien Elston

Damien Elston is one of the top sales engineers in the world. Whether selling from the big stage or in a one on one face-to-face situation he knows how to sell products, services and most importantly… solutions. The fire that keeps any organization flourishing is sales, and he knows how to create that extra degree within people, teams and businesses to fuel that fire.

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