Sell More! Close more!  

Earn More

You are an incredible sales person, you have what it takes to walk on any stage and exude confidence, you have the ability to lead and inspire your team to success.

EYE SELL is designed to help you generate more business, close more sales, and increase revenue and profit immediately

Prior to us coming out you will go through a very detailed “Onboarding” process, an assessment of where you and your business stand now. You will be asked several questions concerning things like –
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Systems and processes
  • Leadership
  • Team morale
  • Branding
  • Understanding and knowing your numbers
  • Hiring and key employees
  • Sales and opportunities
  • Goal setting and milestones


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For the past 17 years Damien has helped 1000’s of people from all walks of life embrace the power of selling. During these 5 amazing days you will –

  • Create your own sales pitch
  • Overcome your clients objections
  • Create and master the 30 second elevator pitch
  • Role play your sales process
  • Obtain high quality video recording of you selling
  • Create brand new marketing strategies geared to get the phone to ring
  • Analyze your competitors and develop your competitive advantage
  • Learn how to close more deals
  • Increase your confidence to control any situation Build your personal brand – become the authority in your field
  • Learn sales techniques used to close the small deals to million dollar deals
  • Identify your U.S.P (Unique selling proposition) Acquire leadership skills to lead your team to success
  • Identify every and all objections in your business Get marketing strategies using the power of Social Media
  • Learn speaking techniques that will help you sell without even trying
  • Create and storyboard a winning presentation

    And much, much more!!!

    Gain your competitive advantage, by sharpening your Speaking and Sales Skills.

    You must be there!! You will be immersed into 5 days of transformational, game changing, personal development like no other.

    Here is the best part. Damien understands that learning in a classroom is limited; people usually have a short attention span. That’s why this event is held in the Beautiful Mountains of North Carolina, set in one of the most beautiful places in the United States.
    Break into small groups, one on one coaching, masterminds, We take care of everything, you will be having lunch and dinner with these high-level international business coaches, for the most engaging coaching experience you can imagine. We have a lot of fun, build relationships, and create life long lasting relationships, but most of all; you and your business will be transformed for success!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the next EYE SELL !